A Deserted Heathrow T5

An early start and 05:30 at the airport for the 07:15 departure on BA548 from London Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 5 to Rome Fiumicino sees an almost empty terminal building. I’ve been here many times before, but it’s always hard not to marvel at the scale of engineering in this building, the largest free-standing structure in the UK. As I have a BA gold card from amassing over 1500 tier points in my previous year of travel, I have access to the BA First Class lounge, but much like the rest of the terminal it’s near empty this early in the morning.

LHR – FCO (40 TP)

Club Europe and Seat 1A on BA Airbus A319 G-EUOE for the 2 hour flight to Rome’s Fiumicino airport. Some good views as we cruise over the Alps and over the Ligurian Sea down the west coast of Italy.


This blog’s more about travelling and the trials and tribulations for a (mainly) leisure traveller aspiring to Gold Guest List, but it’s not going to be all about flying and airports; there’ll be a handful of words and pictures from each destination. Rome was a pleasantly crisp 8 degrees or so and with clear skies, it makes for some very pleasant walking this late Autumn weekend.

FCO – LHR (40 TP)

BA revamped their lounge at Fiumicino earlier in 2018, and they’ve made a really good job of it – it’s arguably one of the best lounges in their short-haul network. It’s well laid out, plenty of power points for charging devices, and has a decent selection of food and drink, with lovely attentive attendants manning the bar. It also has a very good view out onto the tarmac, so is a good spot to kill an hour or so before your flight. The return to Heathrow, BA559, is on another Airbus A319, this time G-EUOG, again in Club Europe and Seat 1A.

The day finishes with the first 80 Tier Points on the board, only a further 4920 to go!


  1. If you go with family, they will also earn tier points. Are you able to pool them like for air miles?
    What are you doing with your air miles? When I went to Australia a few years ago, I was able to find the holiday car hire entirely from the air-miles we both earned on the flights out combined with some previous earnings, meaning that ultimately it was more advantageous to pay a bit extra to fly BA to get ‘free’ car hire, than to get a slightly cheaper flight with Virgin (thus splitting any points).

    1. You can set up a household account with BA to pool your air miles with others living at the same address. Tier points are earned individually though.

      I’m currently just amassing air miles, haven’t done a big redemption for some time. Planning to take my dad to Washington DC next year though, which will burn through a few.

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