JFK to Heathrow

Traffic to JFK is moderately busy, slow moving and stationary in places, but there are no severe hold ups. We arrive at Terminal 7 about 3 hours before our flight, the BA172. We collect boarding passes, and breeze through security – my TSA Pre-check applies to the whole party, so we can leave almost everything in our bags and keep shoes on.

Concorde Room at JFK

The Concorde Room at JFK is in a separate part of the terminal to the other BA lounges which are essentially above security. To reach it you walk counter-clockwise around to gate 1.

This is my first time here, and inside it’s like a smaller version of the CCR at Heathrow T5. After refreshing with several glasses of iced orange juice and some champagne, we sit down for dinner. The food is good, particularly the sweetcorn soup with truffle oil, but overall the service feels a little lack lustre which surprises me; I’ve read lots of good things about the high quality of service here.

The Concorde Room, JFK

But the venue with views out to Manhattan, roughly 15 miles away, is excellent. The setting sun turns the sky to a fiery red, and silhouettes the buildings as we say farewell to New York City.

Farewell New York City

JFK to LHR (210 TP)

Our flight home is on 777-200, tail number G-VIIB. Again, we’re flying in seats 1A, 2A and 3A, but unlike the 747 seat 1A on a 777 affords no special view. We’re all set to go, doors closed and start pushing back, when suddenly there’s a loud bang from somewhere within the aircraft, so the captain decides to return to the gate. It turns out that some of the cargo wasn’t properly secured and had shifted. We’re delayed over an hour as a result, but better to find out on the ground than in the air! We depart JFK and land at Heathrow without further incident, or at least nothing that wakes me from my welcome slumber.

I have a cab booked for 10:45, and had planned to have a shower and leisurely breakfast in the Arrivals Lounge, but because of our delay taking off, it’s straight into the cab home.

As a final bonus, this trip has given me the Tier Points I need to reach Gold Guest List!


  1. That’s an incredible photo of the Manhattan skyline.

    A quite phenomenal trip that I’m sure the 3 of you will never forget! And a hell of a way to reach Gold Guest List…!

    Great stuff mate.

    1. Cheers Chris! I’m looking forward to following your adventures during your upcoming epic 12 month tour of the US. It really is a great country!

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