Gold Guest List Attained!

A week or so after getting home, a letter from BA drops onto my doormat. As well as a letter welcoming me to the Gold Guest List membership tier, it contains these two cards and some luggage tags.

BA Gold Guest List and Concorde Room Cards

So what did it cost?

Adding up the price of all the flights I paid for and the total comes to £9698.44. This doesn’t include the four business trips for which my employer paid, apart from the £200 per trip I paid personally to upgrade my Boston return legs to First. Apart from two trips booked as BA holidays, it also doesn’t include accommodation, which I’d estimate at around another £2000, maybe less as there was little or nothing by way of swanky hotels.

What Benefits Does it Bring?

The list of benefits is pretty extensive:

  • You can gift a BA Gold Card and two BA Silver Cards to other individuals
  • You can bring up to 5 guests into any BA Lounge, including First Lounges (but excluding the Concorde Room)
  • You get two Gold Guest List Redemption Rewards a.k.a. “Jokers”, each of which you can use to ask BA to open up 5 reward seats on any flights and make them bookable with air miles. These are potentially extremely valuable – 5 seats in First paid for in cash could easily come to £20-30k.
  • You get Diamond Status with Hilton Hotels.
  • You have access to the Gold Guest List Assistance Line, which is reportedly excellent, and the team are extremely pro-active at looking after you in the case of IRROPS (Irregular Operations, Cancellations, Re-Routings etc)

As I made 5000 Tier Points, I also received a Concorde Room card, permitting access to the Concorde Rooms at Heathrow T5 and New York JFK irrespective of class of travel. In subsequent years I only need to make 3000 Tier Points to retain GGL, but to retain the CCR Card requires 5000 Tier Points each year.

Was it Worth It?

Absolutely! It’s been quite an intensive 7 months of flying, with 62 sectors flown in total, but overall it’s been a satisfying challenge and an adventure. Yes, there was some “pointless” flying, but many of the trips were with family or friends, and enjoyable experiences in their own right.

What Next?

Definitely more blogging! And of course more flying! I’ve got 14 more flights booked before my Tier Point collection year ends on 8 December 2019, though this won’t quite take me to 6000 Tier Points at which point you’re awarded an extra “joker”. Looking forward to December 2019 and into 2020, I have already got 18 flights booked (1380 TP Total) for my next Tier Point year. I’m not sure yet if I’ll strive to retain the CCR Card, but given the benefits that GGL brings, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to aim to collect the 3000 Tier Points to retain that.


  1. Well done, Gary! You set out to achieve it and you have.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the blogs along the way and I’m relieved to hear that you will continue with them.

    Add a few tier points in for flying out to join me on the US Road Trip next year!

  2. Less than I expected!

    Pretty decent benefits for the outlay, if you travel a lot.

    Almost tempted myself ?

    Great write ups for the whole experience – hope you keep blogging!

  3. Well done Gary!
    I’m surprised at how little that cost.
    I’ve very much enjoyed reading your blogs, and having blogged my own world travels ( unfortuntately not using word press, but some other much less flexible ‘free’ app), am a convert.

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