A Week in Boston Part 2

A Cold Sunday Walk

The Seaport District in South Boston is an area of major urban transformation. What was previously an area of rundown buildings and parking lots has largely been transformed into high tech glass and steel, with swanky restaurants and shops. There’s still a lot of ongoing construction, with numerous new office buildings springing up.

Seaport District Construction, Boston

Venturing out of the hotel, the chill air on arrival was an accurate indicator of New England weather this time of year. There’s an abundance of snow on the ground and it soon starts to fall quite thickly as I walk from Seaport to Quincy Market in the centre of Downtown Boston.

Quincy Market, Boston

Even the Charles River is semi-frozen over today.

Charles River, Boston

The Charles River separates Boston from Cambridge, a city of some 100,000 population and home to the world famous universities of Harvard and MIT. The destination in Cambridge today is Lamplighter, one of the many breweries in the area, to meet work colleagues and friends. Some warmth, and New England “Birds of a Feather” IPA are very welcome after several hours walking in the cold.

Lamplighter Brewing, Cambridge MA

Boston by Night

Mid-week and I head with some of the team for a mean in Chinatown, south Boston. The walk from Seaport presents a nice photo opportunity.

Boston Waterfront
The Barking Crab, Waterside Seafood Restaurant
Boston South Station

Brewdog in Boston

Five O’Clock on Friday in the office, and it’s time to down tools and for a small social gathering with colleagues in the break-out area. The Brewdog from London has been chilling in the fridge all day, and is very well received by the team here.

Boston to Heathrow (210 TP)

My return flight is the BA214 out of Logan, the last BA flight out of Boston in the evening, departing at 22:50. I’ve spent my own money to upgrade to First as the cost was only £200, and it should mean a bit more comfort and some better sleep on this short trans-Atlantic. It also means 70 extra tier points over a club world seat, so inches me that bit closer to GGL.

Seat 1A BA First Class Cabin, 777

Landing on time at Heathrow and taxiing to the terminal, we pass one of the aircraft BA has painted in retro-livery to mark its centennial, a 747-400 in British Overseas Airways Company colours.

BA 747-400 in retro BOAC livery
BA 777, G-VIIM

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