Vegas Part 1, Positioning Flight

This “Vegas Run” is worth 720 tier points in total, which should bring the total for the year up to 800. It’s a multi-legged “Ex-EU” trip, starting in Dublin and will see me take 8 flights over 4 days.

Heathrow to Dublin (40 TP)

It’s the Thursday before Christmas and my last day in the office until the New Year. I’m booked on the last flight out of Heathrow to Dublin, the BA834. This is a “positioning flight”; I’m ticketed the following day to Las Vegas via Heathrow and New York. Yes, I’m flying to Dublin just to fly right back again after an overnight in a hotel!

Arriving at Heathrow T5 and it’s chaos, the queues are horrendous. Fortunately I’m already checked in and with no baggage to drop, I can head straight to the first wing, a separate area and security zone for travellers either travelling first class or with a BA gold card. The lounge is unexpectedly serene compared to the landside area of the terminal. It turns out that the huge queues are because the check-in system went down for half an hour, and it’s not just the pre-Christmas getaway.

Earlier IT Issues mean a very busy Terminal 5 at Heathrow

The flight is delayed about 15 minutes, but interestingly it’s the same A319 I flew back from Rome the week previously. It’s a short flight only 55 minutes and with 9 rows of Club Europe to serve, the cabin crew are kept particularly busy. By the time drinks are served, we’re almost on the ground.

Bed for the night is in the Maldron Hotel. This is a 4 star hotel, only 5-10 minutes walk from the terminal building, so is well located for anyone connecting overnight in Dublin. It’s got a decent bar and lobby area, perfect for a pint of guinness before turning in.

The Maldron Hotel, Dublin Airport. Perfect for overnight connections.

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